dictionary of terms, terminology, and other fancy names for words

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Celestial– a race of people from the [redacted] part of [redacted], largely eradicated by the Delphi in the war of [redacted]. Worship consists of everything that is wrong with the world. Close relatives to vampires. To be avoided at all costs.

“Comm” – slang for “communicator”, audio-visual relay channels that exist in many forms, the most popular being the portable telephone.

CPC– “Cycles Past Cataclysm.” The denotation of how many times the sun has circled creation since the rebirth of humanity.

The Decays – the large swath of radioactive desert that lies between all of the city-hubs of Delphi, so named for it’s ability to rot off your skin and make your eyes fall out.

Delphi – the nation in which this ridiculous story is set.

The Delphi – the royal  family of demi-gods for whom Delphi is named.

Delphism – the religion involving the worship of the above royal family and the gods they represent. Delphism revolves around the sun, all things it shines on, and the life it provides for an entire country of people.

Delphist – someone who partakes in Delphism. Often found chanting at the sky in large groups.

Delphinian – a citizen of the Delphi nation.

Diplomats– due to a lack of proper communication channels between the various nations of the world, a profession known as the diplomacy came into fashion, people who convey news and information between the governments of creation. They are paid handsomely by the state, for the hazards that come with crossing The Decays extensively and interacting with countries that could be considered hostile shies many away from the profession. Delphi has four primary diplomatic families whose job description is mainly to go soothe the troubles the Delphi cause in other nations.

Encal – Adjacent to Delphi’s western border, Encal is a beautiful, mountainous country rich in history and culture. They have been known to be agitated with the way their eastern neighbors handle political affairs, but have recently become hostile due to the hazardous drugs pouring into their country through the Delphi border, compounded by the Delphi royal family’s past actions and current stranglehold on natural resource.

Festival of the Sun – annual celebration of the sun and Delphist gods.

The Flight – an anti-delphi terrorist group whose specialties include killing innocent people and burning everything the Delphi have built to a goddamn crisp. Used to be on good terms with the Fortunata, but have since broken their ties.

The Fortunata – a notorious drug cartel which operates out of Orion. Very hush hush among the general populace and rarely spoken of by the Delphi unless the subject is eliminating them, the group’s motive seems to be solely turning people away from the loving embrace of the gods through the power of deadly narcotics.

Mother Mercy – deity of the earth and the people, considered to be much more considerate and forgiving than the main god of delphism, Teo. Mother Mercy’s name is often used in vain as an interjection or profanity.

Namari’s – Asher’s cake shop, affectionately referred to as being in “one of the seedier parts of the city.”

Orion– capital city of Delphi: center of commerce, religion, and crime (unfortunately).

The Rebellion – a small group of people, comprised mostly of disgruntled citizens and former labor camp workers, who reject all Delphi ideals. Their highest goal is to overthrow the Delphi and develop a new, more democratic government. Although their goals and the goals of The Flight seem similar, The Flight fully reject the rebellion, seeing them as a group of idealistic amateurs who only serve as an obstacle on their path of destruction.

The Taceys– one of Delphi’s four main diplomatic families, most known for their controversial meetings with the Celestial before Delphi declared the race unholy.

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