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Sixty-Four is an urban fantasy webcomic by Nika Alexandra.

33% Royal Intrigue, 33% Bonnie and Clyde Bullshit, 33% Holy War Fueled Chaos, and 1% Total Nonsense

Ruled by a family of lunatic demi-gods, the once great country of Delphi has recently fallen on hard times. Between the threat of war, an insanely high crime rate, and the rampant domestic terrorism within their borders, the Delphi have their hands full trying to restore order to the chaos that is slowly enveloping their nation.

Eloise Tacey, a late-teenage Delphinian runaway, escapes her  overbearing parent’s home in high hopes that the freedom and enlightenment she seeks can be found in the country’s capital: Orion, the spiritual, political, and… criminal hub of the modern world. Little does she know, that her naïveté, thirst for meaning, and dismissal of consequence is a dangerous combination when entering a city where the half of the population that isn’t obsessively worshipping the royal family, is obsessively subverting them.

Meanwhile, the future queen of Delphi, Princess Elisha, pride and joy of the royal family, has everything she could ever ask for. A nation that worships her, a wealth of material goods at her fingertips, and a host of servants catering to her every whim. She should be happy, she tells herself she should be happy, or at least be grateful for all the gods have bestowed upon her. But underneath the gold and the glitter lie matters far more insidious.

Updates every Sunday.

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Author’s note: Sixty-Four contains it’s fair share of adult language and themes (violence, drug use, ritual sacrifice, etc.) please read at your own discretion